My name is Martin Konečný, but my friends call me just „Konny“. I was born on August 6, 1984 in Prague. I had only 6.39 pounds and 1.64 feet. Since that time I grew up and put on weight a bit, now my high and weigh are 5.58 feet and 141.1 pounds.

Being four years old I started to play icehockey. But as I saw the famous comedy Six bears and Cibulka and I was fascinated by the giant circles on the bar and decided to become a gymnast.

As I was five Miloslav Netušil of the TJ Vojenské stavby (now SK Hradčany) was my coach. After he left to work abroad, Oldřich Otava and František Skalák became my trainers. Mr.Otava is my personal coach and friend at the same time since my age of six. He is a former gymnast of first class, graduate of Faculty of Sports of the Charles University in Prague. At that time he was preparing many Czech representants. Thanks to his systematic and complete training I could achieve my best results (e.g. first place at Europe Junior Championship on the bar, which the Czech Republic did not reach for at least 20 years).

My idol is the Russian gymnast Alexej Němov, the Winner of Olympic games and World and Europe Championship.

In 2008, I attended the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing and the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

I work currently as a single czech gymnast in the German Extraliga (Bayern Munich) and in the French Extraliga.